Our Procedure - Six Steps to Compliance

Step 1 - Preliminary Advice

  • RBC is always keen to be involved as early as possible in the design stage of the project. This applies whether the project is in the concept/feasibility stage, tender preparation stage or immediately after contract award during the formal full design stage; RBC will provide concise and effective advice. During any of these stages we prioritise issues that could prove problematic later on and possibly cause additional and unnecessary expense. Consequently the project risk can be significantly reduced, progress accelerated and abortive design work eliminated.

Step 2 - The Application & Initial Notice

  • The submission of the formal project application to RBC is via the completion of our standard application pack which we will be happy to send to you on request, applications can be made to us electronically or by hard copy. RBC will then complete the Initial Notice and submit this to the relevant local authority. The submission of the Initial Notice to the Local Authority must be done at least five working days before construction starts. This informs the Local Authority that we are the Building Control Body for the project and they will not have any further involvement with the project.

Step 3 - Plans Appraisal

  • Our team will conduct a detailed plan appraisal to ensure that Building Regulation requirements and other relevant legislation and guidance are satisfied. When all relevant drawings and information has been appraised and is considered satisfactory with respect to the Building Regulations, a Plans Approval Certificate can be issued upon request or our standard letter indicating design compliance will be issued.
    We always try and employ a proactive approach when discussing any potential contraventions of the Regulations with the design team. RBC recognises it is the principle and intent of the regulations that should be satisfied and not necessarily the detailed guidance in every case. RBC will adopt a conciliatory role between the development of the client’s needs and the requirements of the Regulations.

Step 4 - Consultations

  • RBC will also consider and adopt a helpful role in the development of the fire safety proposals/strategy for the project and will consult with the relevant Fire Authority. Any comments resulting from the consultation will be conveyed to the client and design team. The consultation process usually takes around three weeks but on larger schemes RBC may commence informal consultation prior to the formal application submission. RBC will also undertake any other relevant statutory consultations.

Step 5 - Site Inspections

  • Site inspections are carried out at agreed intervals to ensure that construction meets the agreed design and satisfies the Building Regulations. We aim to provide a consistent site surveyor service in order to develop a sound working relationship and build trust and understanding with both the site personnel and design team. We believe that this contributes to a more efficient service.

    After each inspection a written report is issued which indicates the site status, identifies what has been inspected, and highlights any queries. It is designed to ensure that all parties are clearly informed during the construction phase and gives an early warning of non-compliance so that appropriate action can be taken.

Step 6 - Final Certificate

  • Upon satisfactory completion of building works, a Final Certificate will be issued. This certificate is copied to the client, the local authority and the fire authority.

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