Environmental Policy

The Board of Directors of Regional Building Control Ltd is fully committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities, wherever this is practicable.

We recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked, and that ecological protection and sustainable development are collective responsibilities in which governments, business, individuals and communities all play a role.

In accordance with the above we will employ an environmental management system, for the services we provide to our clients.

Through this, we will identify our significant impacts and set clear objectives, against which we will monitor and manage our environmental performance and compliance obligations.

We will communicate internally on aspects of our environmental performance and will engage any concerns or interests expressed in our environmental improvement programme.

The company actively supports the principles of environmental protection and pollution prevention in order to reduce the adverse environmental impacts of our operations, within reasonably practicable levels. Through a programme of continual environmental improvement, we will demonstrate our commitment to:

Complying fully with all relevant environmental legislation and other applicable compliance requirements including ISO 14001: 2015
Optimising efficient use of raw materials and non-renewable resources
Improving energy efficiency of processes and operations
Ensuring all solid wastes are treated and disposed of in a responsible manner
Minimising production of wastes at source
Providing all employees with an understanding of this environmental policy, and their responsibilities in controlling and improving environmental performance

This Environmental Policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the Company's Board of Directors, who take prime responsibility for the delivery of its aspirations.

The Company

In order to ensure that this policy is effective, Regional Building Control Ltd will:

  • implement all reasonable measures to comply with relevant environmental legislation;
  • take appropriate steps to minimise its negative impact on the environment and to conserve natural resources;
  • develop appropriate and comprehensive procedures and guidelines to achieve our objectives;
  • introduce appropriate forms of instruction, information, training and supervision to enable employees to assist us in meeting our objectives;
  • appoint competent persons to ensure that the aims of the policy are met;
  • endeavour to make continual improvements to the Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance, including working with Clients and Suppliers to create ‘greener’ solutions, where appropriate;
  • introduce suitable arrangements to allow for communication and discussion on environmental matters;
  • review annually, and where necessary update this policy and any relevant environmental procedures.


Employees must recognise that they have an important part to play in the success of this policy, by:

  • complying with all relevant Company environmental procedures and guidelines;
  • taking all necessary care to prevent contamination and spills;
  • switching off all non-essential equipment when not in use;
  • co-operating with Company Management in all aspects of environmental management;
  • ensuring that any environmental hazards are promptly reported to their Manager;
  • ensuring that all environmental incidents are properly reported in line with the Company procedure;
  • considering the use of environmentally friendly options, within the scope of their work activities.
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